St. Patrick says “Being GREEN” is good for the environment!

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we all think about green things but here at Steeles Tavern Manor and Alpine Hideaway Cottages, we practice “green” living every day. We are a certified member of the “Virginia Green” program that is the Commonwealth’s campaign to encourage and promote environmentally-friendly practices in Virginia’s Tourism industry.

To be certified as “Virginia Green”, we pledge to encourage water conservation by offering optional daily towel and linen service. When you stay with us, you will see note cards in each guest room informing you how to tell us that you are willing to reuse towels and bed linens – saving hundreds of gallons of water each month. We use non-phosphate, biodegradable laundry detergents too.

Recycling is important to us. We have containers where guests can recycle glass, plastic, and aluminum. We also make sure we recycle cardboard and the energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs.
Energy conservation is accomplished in a number of ways around our property. The ceiling fans in the guest rooms offer a more efficient way to cool the room. Our “Energy Star”-rated windows and doors conserve heat in the winter. During the summer we be sure to close drapes to keep out the sunny heat of the day. Turning off fans, computers, monitors and other electronic devices when not is use, saves energy too. We utilize an outdoor word-burning furnace to heat our water in the manor house and to heat the first floor of the B&B. We also are sticklers for maintenance schedules for our HVAC systems and appliances. Our housekeeping staff does not allow “dust bunnies” to live under our refrigerator – which lessen the efficiency of that major appliance.

Our water conservation efforts reach beyond reusing linens to save water. Our landscaping is designed using native plants so the annual rainfall supports the plants without having to add irrigation. We maintain vegetation around ponds and streams to deter water run-off and cut back on water pollution.

At Steeles Tavern Manor B&B, we concentrate on using as many local food sources as possible. Not only does that mean great tasting breakfasts, but it also saves the environment by reducing pollution generated by transportation of the foods.

Clean air, clean water, and fresh air all help to make the Shenandoah Valley beautiful. We are doing our part to keep these natural resources a beautiful part of your visit to our “green” Virginia.  





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