Fall Pumpkins – more than just orange pumpkins?

I took a ride to Swisher’s Farm last week to purchase my pumpkins. I was worried that they didn’t have any left since I’m late buying them this year. To my surprise they still had a nice selection.
If you thought there were only “orange” pumpkins then you need to visit Swisher’s. Mr. & Mrs. Swisher were there to greet me. Mrs. Swisher helped me understand all the varietals that are grown on their farm and which ones were the best for eating. I only wanted to purchase them for decoration but I didn’t want to break the news to them so I listened while she educated me in the pumpkin types and their names. I knew there were different heirloom types but never knew they had names! (I guess just like sea shells. Only my friends Meredith, Cathy & Luann would understand this comment.) So I purchased some of Mrs Swisher’s pumpkins as you see in my photos.


The deep orange red one is named Cinderella. Its name is derived from resembling Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.Fairytale is the light orange with green pumpkin. Mrs. Swisher told me twice that I could eat Fairytale but not Cinderella. Don’t worry, they are only my decorations I told her! The one that looks like it has warts growing on it is named Peanut. I liked the unique look of it. The small white one is Snowball. And of course I purchased the good ole “orange” pumpkins. I’m sure they have a name too.
It just shows you that you can learn something new every day!

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