Two reasons why Mardi Gras is special to Steeles Tavern Manor


Ray and I always enjoyed the Louisiana style cooking.  We have visited New Orleans and enjoyed the delicious food, historic sites, and wonderful jazz music.  As Mardi Gras is approaching, we are lucky to have the wonderful New Orleans style food choices on Mill Street Grill’s (located in Staunton) daily specials menu.  Mill Street runs these daily Cajun and creole style features for 2 weeks prior to Fat Tuesday.  The restaurant itself is decorated this time of year with Mardi Gras décor.  You would think it is Christmas but in green and purple.  And beads, beads, beads everywhere.  We try to sample the menu items at least 3 times during these festive weeks.

Well, that is our first reason why we like Mardi Gras.  But the second, and most important reason, is our Bacchus.


On March 28, 2014, Bacchus, our black lab mix, arrived from a 2 day trip with other rescue dogs from Monroe, Louisiana.  As we were scrolling through pictures of black labs on Bonnie Blue’s Rescue site, we first noticed his name – Bacchus.  How appropriate would this be to have a dog named after the Greek God of Wine that lived at our Inn! Then we saw his picture and immediately fell in love.  We learned to discover that he wasn’t named after the God of Wine but named after one of the New Orleans Krewes.  If you were like me (being from the North or from Pittsburgh), I thought what is a Krewe?   A krewe is an organization of people that host a Mardi Gras ball, ride on a Mardi Gras parade float, and participate in social events throughout the year.  Basically, they have fun!

 BACCHUS is considered to be one of the “Super Krewes” of the Carnival having gigantic floats and a Hollywood celebrity. Its King, who dresses as Bacchus, the Greek God of Wine, is always a well-known personality…Danny Kaye being the first King.   This year the parade is being held on Sunday February 15.  And I can’t seem to find who will be this year’s king so it must be a surprise!  Also I read where the Bacchus Krewe has often been known to break with tradition during the Carnival in order to create excitement among the crowd.  We hope that our Bacchus’s behavior doesn’t follow these traits!  So far, he has been the joy of Steeles Tavern Manor!

Enjoy Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras.  Ray and I will be eating Jambalaya and playing with Bacchus.


Melissa, Ray, & Bacchus

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