An Apple A Day

The cool air today reminded us of a crisp fall day so we decided to take a ride on Rt 56 over the (Blue Ridge) mountains to visit the apple orchards.  We first stopped at Silver Creek & Seaman’s Orchard. They are located on Rt 56 a few miles past the entrance to Crabtree Falls.  apple seaman1apple seaman2

Inside the store they had bins of apples currently in season: Delicious, Figi, Gala, and Honey Crisps. They also sell apple butter, jams & jellys, and other gift items. You can enjoy picking your own apples, buying fresh apple butter or applesauce, or walking through pumpkin patches. We made a purchase of Honey Crisp apples, Vidalia Onion Relish, and a BLT dip mix to try at our social hour.

Silver Creek & Seaman’s have some really fun Fall events planned. Check out their website for details.

We continued down Rt 56 to Dickie Brothers Orchards.  To get to the orchard, turn right on Rt 666 (Dickie Road) and travel about 2.5 miles.  apples dickie2

apple dickie

What a spectacular views of the mountains along Dickie Road leading to the Orchard. And a great view from Dickie Brother’s.

apple rideapple dickie3

Inside the building we found  crates filled with Delicious, Jonagold, Empire, and McIntosh apples.  Ray went straight to the Macs and sampled one. We came home with a ½ peck of them as well as applesauce and freshly picked sweet potatoes.

apple dickie potatoes

The apples were absolutely delicious (I ate one on the way home). We asked about their events and were told their event was selling apples. And they will not have a hard time doing it. Also some local vendors are selling their crafts inside the building so you can shop for some locally made products. (Christmas is only 3 months away!).


What a nice afternoon taking a drive through the scenic Blue Ridge and visiting the orchards.  Soon the ride will include viewing the colors of Fall.  Current Foliage report……all leaves are still green. We did see some signs on a few trees with leaves having their color starting to appear. It will be here in a few weeks!

See you soon!

Ray and Melissa

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