Ever since I was a child I always waited to see if March would come in like a Lion or Lamb.


This past weekend the chill was in the air and significant snow is in our forecast for this coming week. So I’m classifying March 2013 as making its debut as the Lion.  But the good news is that March should go out like a lamb which means that we will have a warm and sunny Easter this year since it falls on March 31.


I also tune into the news each year on February 2 to hear if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow. This year he did not see his shadow so Phil is predicting an early Spring. Some say he is wrong, again. But if you think about it he has never defined “early” to us. Phil does have a couple weeks until the first day of Spring so if it gets warmer after the snowfall this week and stays warm he could be right!


I took a walk around the property this morning and found some early signs of Spring.  The Johnnie Jump Ups are in bloom, and other plants are making their way out of the ground. So maybe Phil is right after all!

No matter what the weather is like outside, you will be guaranteed a warm welcome by us as you enter through the front door. At our evening social hour we will warm your tummies with great snacks and local wines or brews. And we will continue the next morning with our hot breakfasts and beverages and warm conversations to make  you feel right at home.  Come for a visit in March and we promise to keep you warm and cozy.

Think Spring!

Your Innkeepers, Ray and Melissa


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