Local Brewery Tour starts in Lexington

1st stop on the Beer Tour……………Devils Backbone Brewery

Established in 2008, Devils Backbone Brewing Company is a brewpub located in Roseland, Virginia, close to the Wintergreen Resort. The brewery has won several awards at both the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. This past weekend the brewery opened its doors to their newest addition in Lexington:  Devils Backbone Brewery Outpost. The 15,000 sq ft custom built brewery is located on Route 11 South about 15 minutes from Alpine Hideaway Cottages. Currently the Outpost is brewing 2 of their flagship beers, Eight Point IPA and Vienna Lager. These 2 beers as well as 2 other beers, Gold Leaf Lager and Reilly’s Red Ale, are available for tastings.
Brittany, Tasting Room Manager, will be happy to pour you samples of the beers. In July, the Outpost may begin selling their beer by the glass. But for now you can enjoy the beer by taking home a Growler with your favorite brew. Growlers are $8 and beer fills are $10.

Hayes, Outpost Manager, guided us on a tour of the working brewery. We were able to experience the brewing process that uses 4 main ingredients to create the beer: water, yeast, hops, and malt. The tour ended in the bottling room where we watched the Eight Point IPA bottles fill, get labeled, and packed up for distribution. 

Tap Room Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat & Sun 11am-5pm
Tours are conducted Tue-Fri at 5pm.

Where did the Devils Backbone name come from?

During the 1740s Thomas Jefferson’s father was given a very large piece of property in the Blue Ridge mountains and was told to explore it.  During their rough ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the mules slipped and fell into the canyon. The mules tied to the “mule train” also fell. Thomas Jefferson wrote in his journal: The mules fell into the “devils backbone”.  Since being a local VA brewery located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the owners related to this and hence the name Devils Backbone.     

Stay tuned for our brewery tour update on our next stop to Blue Lab Brewery. Looking forward to taste their Irish Red Ale for St Patrick’s Day!

Ray and Melissa Alexander

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