Buy Local in Lexington


The latest in our installment of Shenandoah wine offerings is a great little wine shop called Washington Purveyors owned by resident Charles “Chuck” Smith, his wife and their baby daughter. This spot, located on Lexington’s

Washington Street


since ’96, offers free Friday wine tastings–new flavors for the palate each week!

Washington Street Purveyors also offers a nice selection of gourmet foods, microbrews and imports, or cigars. To ensure the quality of their inventory, the Smiths often meet with winemakers or walk the vineyards or fields. The best part is, by patronizing this shop, you are “buying small”, as the Smiths put it–buying local, which supports local business.
Owner Chuck Smith leading our
Friday wine tasting.


So if you think you’d like to incorporate a visit to the shop while on a stay with us, just ask for information on their latest products and Friday wine tasting selections while making your reservation.

Your Hosts,
Bill and Eileen Hoernlein

P.S. For more pics of our visit to the shop, please visit our facebook page!

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