Wines for the Pragmatic

It’s spring and time to visit another winery! This time, we headed to Flying Fox Vineyard in Afton.

This small, family-owned vineyard boasts a ‘pragmatic’ approach to wine: low yield and maximum fruit intensity. But even though Flying Fox may be small, it’s wines boast big flavor! Eight different options allow for wine lovers of all tastes to find something that suits them. And just because you might not be in the area in the nearby future doesn’t mean you can’t try some of these delicious flavors! Just visit the Flying Fox online Shop to try a sample of any of the varieties that tickle your fancy.

You can enjoy samples and displays from Flying Fox at regional wine events like the Staunton Farmer’s Market (Saturdays from 7am to noon) or the Monticello Wine Festival, coming up on May 14th from 6-9pm.

We enjoyed the serene setting and succulent flavors of Flying Fox and will certainly be recommending it to our future guests!

For a few more pictures from our visit to Flying Fox, please visit our facebook page.

Bill and Eileen Hoernlein

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