Wining Again…

Sorry we missed you last week. We were doing some traveling of our own!

This time we visited Jefferson Vineyards, just one mile from Jefferson’s original 1774 vineyards and Monticello, in Charlottesville, VA. Jefferson, along with the other vineyards along the Monticello Wine Trail, are called the “birthplace of american wine”. So…we had to see it! Just as the Jefferson Vineyards website says,

On the way up the mountain to Jefferson Vineyards, you’ll first pass Michie Tavern the Jefferson’s Monticello. About a mile beyond [that], you’ll see the first of Jefferson’s vineyard sites. Over the fields to your right, you get your first look at our winery. Next, the beautiful and historic St. Luke’s church and the old Simeon farm store appear as the road veers hard right. At our entryway, we’ve replanted another of Jefferson’s original vineyard sites. You can’t miss it.

Here are a sampling of the beautiful vineyards from our perspective:


Please take a peek at our facebook page for a few  more shots!

Until next week,

Bill and Eileen Hoernlein

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