Alpine Hideaway Loves Singers!

Of the many offerings for our guests to partake in during their stays, singing doesn’t usually come to mind. But the fact is, there are a lot of opportunities for professionals and amateurs alike to take their turn at the mic.

In the next week, there are three separate mic nights at local spots (that we know of) that sound like a whole lot of fun. On Monday, visit The Palms to show ’em your vocal stylings. This former debate club turned restaurant has a historical yet easy-going vibe. Then head to Salerno’s on Tuesday to rock out to some old tunes in this family-friendly spot. And you can round out the week with a solo at Franks for the Memories, where you are encouraged to “bring your pipes and your courage.”

Of course, we don’t host our own open mic nights at Alpine Hideaway, but if you’re decent, we might allow you to serenade your sweetheart.

With crooning anticipation,

Bill and Eileen Hoernlein

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